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Because inquiring minds want to know how the book ends... 


Thank you for checking out my website.  I am an avid reader and tend to focus on psychological thrillers and suspense novels.  Click any link below or search in the top right to read summaries, thoughts, and spoilers.  I will not be holding back on my opinions or spoilers (you have been warned). Have a spoiler for me or book I just have to read?  Contact me via email and let me know! Thanks Amelie

New books added weekly! 

I do want to say that I listen to most of my books on my Audible.com app (hence an occasional character name misspelling). I am obsessed with Audible. Anytime you see a bad review for a book know that I have listened to it and been able to return it because I didn't like it.  Anytime you see a good review, (or even mediocre) I have purchased the book and probably listened more than once. I am adding a link to make it easier to check them out.  Before you sign up see what promos are going on because you can usually get a good deal! Happy reading (or listening). 


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